Congressional Endorsements

Congressman Chris Stewart
Former Congressman Rob Bishop

Utah State Senators
Don Ipson, Utah State Senator
Evan Vickers, Utah State Senator
Derrin Owens, Utah State Senator

Utah State Representatives
Paul Cutler, Utah State House
Walt Brooks, Utah State House
Rex Shipp, Utah State House
Carl Albrecht, Utah State House
Steve Lund, Utah State House
Neil Walter, Utah State House
Colin Jack, Utah State House
Anthony Loubet, Utah State House

County Sheriffs
Kelly Sparks, Davis County Sheriff
Nate Brooksby, Washington County Sheriff
Ken Carpenter, Iron County Sheriff
Paul Wimmer, Tooele County Sheriff
Nathan Curtis, Sevier County Sheriff
Rich Jacobson, Millard County Sheriff
Cody Black, Beaver County Sheriff
Tracy Glover, Kane County Sheriff
Marty Gleave, Piute County Sheriff
Eric Houston, Garfield County Sheriff

Michelle Randall, Mayor, St. George
Kress Staheli, Mayor, Washington
Chris Hart, Mayor, Ivins
Rick Rosenberg, Mayor, Santa Clara
Nanette Billings, Mayor, Hurricane
Brian Burrows, Mayor, Richfield
Ward Dotson, Mayor, Minersville
Matt Robinson, Mayor, Beaver
Nolan Davis, Mayor, Milford

County Commissioners
Aimee Winder Newton, Salt Lake County Council
Randy Elliott, Davis County Commission
Adam Snow, Washington County Commission
Gil Almquist, Washington County Commission
Tammy Pearson, Beaver County Commission
Wade Hollingshead, Beaver County Commission
Brandon Yardley, Beaver County Commission
Leland Pollock, Garfield County Commission
David Tebbs, Garfield County Commission
Jerry Taylor, Garfield County Commission
Mike Bleak, Iron County Commission
Marilyn Wood, Iron County Commission
Wade Heaton, Kane County Commission
Dennis Blackburn, Wayne County Commission
Kerry Cook, County Commission
Roger Brian, County Commission
Greg Jensen, Sevier County Commission
Scott Johnson, Sevier County Commission
Ralph Brown, Sevier County Commission
Bill Wright, Millard County Commission
Trevor Johnson, Millard County Commission
Tye Hoffmann, Tooele County Council
Jared Hamner, Tooele County Council
Scott Wardle, Tooele County Council
Clint Painter, Juab County Commission
Marty Palmer, Juab County Commission
Marvin Kenison, Juab County Commission
Darin Bushman, Piute County Commission
Will Talbot, Piute County Commission
Scott Dalton, Piute County Commission
Laurie Stringham, Salt Lake County Council

County Attorneys
Chad Dotson, Iron County Attorney
Rob Van Dyke, Kane County Attorney
Eric Clarke, Washington County Attorney

Congressman Chris Stewart

“I made the decision to step down from Congress in the best interest of my family. Today, I couldn’t be more proud to make this decision in the best interest of Utah: I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorse Celeste Maloy for Congress.

I’ve served our nation in various leadership positions throughout my life. And whether I was fighting in the skies or in the halls of Congress, I found two things to be necessary.

First, you need the humility to listen to those who you swore to protect and represent. And second, you need the courage to make hard decisions on behalf of those who you swore to protect and represent. Those pillars of service and leadership describe Celeste Maloy to her core. 

I have long said that America’s best and brightest days are still ahead, and voting for Celeste Maloy is the best way to ensure our future. She is a strong conservative woman with Utah values and the one person in the race I know for certain is ready to serve on day one. 

Celeste embodies the American dream and is an exceptional leader for our exceptional nation. Please join me in supporting Celeste Maloy for Congress.”

Congressman Rob Bishop

“Congressman Chris Stewart’s value to Utah has been his knowledge of rural lands, Hill AFB, and Congressional procedure,” said Bishop. “As a lands attorney and legislative staffer who worked these issues through Congress, Celeste Maloy possesses these same qualities. I’ve known Celeste for years. She is the right person for this seat. I am endorsing Celeste for Congress because I know she will be a conservative fighter for Utah and the west. She also has a sense of humor.”

Utah Senator Don Ipson

She’s the real deal. I know her and I know her work ethic That’s why I am voting for Celeste Maloy.”

Davis County Commissioner Randy Elliott

“Celeste is a knowledgeable and proven public servant. She has spent her entire professional career working on issues that directly impact the citizens of Utah’s 2nd Congressional District. She’s keenly aware of the issues that matter to Davis County and has worked on critical policy addressing the Great Salt Lake, transportation infrastructure and Hill Air Force Base.  I’m proud to support Celeste as the Republican candidate for CD2.”

State Senator Derrin Owens

“We will miss the leadership of Congressman Chris Stewart. He has been a rock for the great citizens and elected officials of my 10-county wide senate district. Advising and working alongside Congressman Stewart has been his trusted legal counsel, Celeste Maloy. She knows the issues and how to navigate Washington, D.C. I trust Congressman Stewart’s endorsement of Celeste and will be voting for her in the Republican primary. You go girl!”

Former Utah House Representative Lowry Snow

Celeste keenly understands the critical issues that impact the lives of families in Washington County and Southern Utah. For the past 4 years, Celeste has worked side by side with Congressman Stewart, advocating for good policy, fighting against bad policy, and together they have been a strong voice for Washington County and Southern Utah. The convention delegates wisely chose Celeste as the Republican convention candidate, and I am proud and honored to add my own personal endorsement for her. I know she will continue to represent all the conservative traditions we value in Southern Utah.  Let’s send Celeste back to Washington to stay the course and continue the good cause.

Beaver County Commissioner Tammy Pearson

I support Celeste Maloy for Congress. She is the only candidate in the race that has on the ground experience working with county government. That is what we need in Washington to advance local government and states’ rights. In this special election, I hope Republicans will unite behind the delegate’s choice for Congressional District 2.

Utah House Representative Anthony Loubet

“Celeste is a proven conservative with a firm understanding of the dangers of federal overreach and the importance of local government. I am proud to support her candidacy and know she will be a huge benefit to the people she serves starting on day one.”

“I am pleased to extend my endorsement for Celeste Maloy as our candidate for US Congress. Being from Southern Utah she has a deep understanding of our region’s federal issues, particularly those concerning land and water which sets her apart as a leader with the knowledge and dedication we need in Congress. I have known her for many years. She is intelligent, strong and has a commanding understanding of the law. With her experience and conservative policies, she knows how to push back on federal overreach, controlling social issues and how to stand strong for our values. Celeste Maloy is the best choice to represent our community’s interests on the national stage. I wholeheartedly endorse Celeste Maloy and I am confident that she will be a tireless advocate for our community.” Utah House Representative Walt Brooks

“Celeste is awesome. As an Iron County Commissioner, I have had the pleasure of working closely with Celeste on many issues from public lands to funding for roads and law enforcement. She is a true champion for rural issues in our district. On a personal note, Celeste is hard working, dedicated, and completely honest in her dealings. I am proud to count Celeste as a colleague and friend. She will do a fantastic job representing us in the US Congress.” Iron County Commissioner Mike Bleak

“As a county with over 90% public lands, Kane County is greatly affected by public land issues and policies. For many years now, when Kane County has needed help navigating public land issues, Celeste Maloy has been our first call. Celeste is one of the nation’s leading experts regarding public lands in the West and I am grateful that she is willing to continue to help and fight for rural counties in Utah. I wholehearted endorse Celeste Maloy for Congress and look forward to working with her to safeguard our public lands.” Kane County Commissioner Wade Heaton

“I have enjoyed working and serving with Celeste Maloy for years. I’ve worked with Celeste on tortoise habitat issues when she was with the Washington County Attorney’s office, on Lake Powell Pipeline issues when she was at the Washington County Water Conservancy, and on energy issues when she was in Washington DC working for CD2. She and I served together on the Washington County Republican Party executive committee in several capacities; had she not gone to work for Congressman Stewart in 2019 I’m sure she would have been the next Party Chair. I’m excited to have Celeste Maloy as the next Congresswoman from Utah’s CD2.” Utah House Representative Colin Jack

“I have known Celeste Maloy since 2015. As a commission, we interviewed her for an attorney to deal with public land, environmental and endangered species issues for Washington County, after she graduated from law school. Celeste served the county very well, then went on to also provide that expertise for the Washington County Water Conservancy District and for the “Utah Association of Counties”, for rural counties of Utah. Recognizing her ability, Congressman Stewart invited her to join his staff, where she has expanded her abilities even further a with several years on his staff. She will make an excellent Congresswoman.” Former Washington County Commissioner Alan Gardner

It is my pleasure to Endorse Celeste Maloy for Congress in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District. Celeste has experience in Washington, DC and is endorsed by Chris Stewart who is the current congressman. Celeste is one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding the public lands and a solid resource and ally to the public lands counties. She will be a solid advocate for our district. Celeste also solidly represents the values and principles that have made America
great. I wholeheartedly endorse her and encourage everyone to do the same.”
Former Kane County Commissioner Doug Heaton

“Celeste Maloy is uniquely qualified to represent Utah’s 2nd District in the United States Congress. She has vast experience in law, county government support, Utah Association of Counties, Washington County Water Conservancy District, and served as special counsel to Congressman Chris Stewart. She has been on the front lines in Washington, DC. She is personable but knows how to crack the whip. I am impressed with her knowledge of rural and urban issues. Celeste understands the issues and challenges that Utahns deal with and she will fight for us in the halls of Congress and on the ground. I wholeheartedly support Celeste Maloy for Utah’s 2nd District congresswoman.”

Former Iron County Commissioner Alma Adams

“I have worked with Celeste to stop federal overreach on our land, from controlling our water, and preserving critically important range access. Celeste has fought to protect and expand local control in our everyday lives, for our livelihoods and for our children. That’s why I endorse her.”

Former Mayor of Hurricane City John Bramell

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