David Bernhardt, Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, endorses Celeste Maloy for Congress

Today, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt, as well as a dozen other local, regional, and national experts in natural resource policy, endorsed Utah Republican Party nominee Celeste Maloy for Congress. Secretary Bernhardt is the most recent Republican appointee to lead the Department of the Interior.

David Bernhardt, former United States Secretary of the Interior (2019-2021): “Both America and Utah need people who understand the importance of natural resources. From domestic energy production, to water policy, to wildfire, to critical minerals, so many of the most important issues facing the country will rely on people who can competently manage natural resource policy. Celeste Maloy will be an expert in this arena on her first day in Washington, D.C. Utah needs her in Congress, as does the rest of the nation. I am pleased to support Celeste Maloy as the next representative from Utah’s 2nd congressional district.”

Celeste was previously endorsed by Rep. Chris Stewart who currently represents Congressional District 2 in Congress.

Joining Bernhardt and Stewart include former Congressman Rob Bishop and former Director of the Bureau of Land Management Kathleen Clarke, widely known as public land and natural resource policy leaders in Utah. Three former staff directors of the House Natural Resources Committee have also come out in strong support of Celeste:

Rob Bishop, former House Resources Committee Chairman (2015-2019): “There has never been a candidate from Utah who is as informed or as ready to lead on natural resource issues on day-one than Celeste Maloy.”

Kathleen Clarke, former Director of the Bureau of Land Management and Director of Utah’s Department of Natural Resources:
“I know how important public lands are to Utah’s citizens. Few new members of Congress show up with any understanding of the complexity of public land laws and policies. However, Celeste has excellent technical and practical knowledge of those matters gained through her years of experience wrestling in the contentious arena of public lands and land use. Additionally, she knows how to build coalitions in Congress and bring about change and improvement in those laws. As a Member of Congress, Celeste Maloy will serve Utah with dignity and effectiveness, and be a national force in promoting smart, balanced natural resource and land management policies.”

Tim Williams, former Director of Intergovernmental and External Affairs for the Department of Interior under Donald Trump:
“Celeste Maloy was an amazing congressional staffer and is a great candidate for Congress. I can think of no one better to represent Utah and the rural counties in Washington D.C. She has my full support.”

Luke Johnson, former Deputy Director of Policy and Programs at the Bureau of Land Management:
“Celeste doesn’t just have academic, office experience, she has on-the-ground, real-world resource experience. She worked for over a decade in Beaver, Utah with the Natural Resource Conservation Service. She knows the land, the challenges, the people, and how to succeed in the challenging world of natural resource policy. Celeste is ready to get to work on day one and will be a natural resource champion for Utah for years to come.”

Cody Stewart, former Staff Director, House Committee on Natural Resources:
“Celeste Maloy is an experienced expert on natural resource policy. She would make an excellent Chair of the House Resources Committee. Her understanding of water policy is unmatched. Utah needs a water hawk and that’s exactly what she will be in Washington D.C. As representative Celeste Maloy will ensure Utah’s public land views are defended in Congress.”

Allen Freemyer, former Staff Director, House Committee on Natural Resources:
“Celeste Maloy understands the rural point of view. Like me, she was born and raised in a small town, and grew up surrounded by the natural beauty of the West. Her vast background in natural resources gives her a leg up on most of her congressional peers. She will be a leader from day one.” 

Darrell Henry, Director of the Western Caucus Foundation:
“I’ve worked with Celeste Maloy as she’s been a tireless fighter for local control, multiple use of federal land, and private property rights. She will also be a great advocate for smart ag, forest, and water policy.”

Tim Stewart, former Staff Director, House Committee on Natural Resources and current President of the U.S. Oil & Gas Association:
“Celeste would be a rarity in Congress. She would require zero on the job training because she already knows more about Utah’s natural resources than anyone else in Washington let alone anyone in this race. She’s drafted those bills and she knows how to move them. I pity the first staffer who tries to tell her ‘Actually, this is the way we do it around here…’. She’s as tough as nails and that’s what we need.”

Brian Somers, President of the Utah Mining Association:
“Celeste understands the challenges and opportunities that come with being a state with both vast natural resources and extensive public lands. Representing an industry that operates largely on the federal estate, Celeste was the first staffer I would call when there was a concern about ensuring that mining operators could responsibly and efficiently access Utah’s tremendous mineral wealth to provide the critical minerals upon which our economy and national security depend. Celeste understands the existential need for Utah and the U.S. to secure its mineral and energy independence and not be beholden to irresponsible foreign actors. More importantly, she knows how to actually make that happen using Congress’ constitutionally enumerated powers to reign in federal overreach. Celeste will continue Utah’s proud tradition of producing powerful natural resources advocates in Congress.”

In addition, Celeste now has more than 60 endorsements from locally elected Utah Republicans, all who represent counties affected by federal public land policy. They support Celeste because she will protect and defend Utah’s land and natural resources.

Alan Gardner, former Washington County Commissioner:
“I can’t think of anyone better to represent southern Utah in Congress than Celeste Maloy. She understands as well as anyone the challenges massive amounts of federal lands present to western communities, and she will work with her colleagues to make progress on those critical issues.”

Leland Pollock, Garfield County Commissioner:
“Celeste Maloy is southern Utah’s best bet. She knows the people, the issues, and she’s not afraid to take on out-of-state interests who want to steal our water, restrict our access, or force us to depend on foreign nations for energy. Celeste will be a champion of rural Utah and our public lands. I whole-heartedly endorse her and urge all of southern Utah to rally behind her candidacy.”

Tammy Pearson, County Commissioner in Beaver County:
“Our county had been fighting for decades trying to deal with wild horse and burro issues. We didn’t make much progress until Celeste showed up on the scene. I saw her work as a congressional staffer using her knowledge and her way with people to come up with solutions. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk. Utah needs problem-solvers like Celeste Maloy.” 

Wade Heaton, Kane County Commission Chair:
“As a county with over 90% public lands, Kane County is greatly affected by public land policies. For many years now, when Kane County has needed help navigating public land issues, Celeste Maloy has been our first call. Celeste is one of the nation’s leading experts regarding public lands in the West and I am grateful that she is willing to continue to help and fight for rural counties in Utah. I wholeheartedly endorse Celeste Maloy for Congress and look forward to working with her to safeguard our public lands.”

Federal lands and resources have played a significant role in our nation’s history. The four large federal agencies, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), U.S. Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service, all have a substantial presence in Utah. Utah is one of the state’s with the highest percentage of federally owned lands in the country, with over 52 million acres, nearly 2/3rds of the entire state, administered by the federal government. Utah’s 2nd congressional district is home to large swathes of federal lands and natural resource policy is an issue of daily interest and concern to the citizens of the area.

The unprecedented level of support and confidence Celeste has garnered from leading natural resource policy experts demonstrates just how prepared she is to serve Utah in Congress. The citizens of Utah can have full confidence that Representative Celeste Maloy will fight, and win, for Utah’s lands and water interests in Congress.