When I jumped into the race for Congress in Utah’s Second District two weeks ago today, our campaign only had twelve full days to prepare for the Republican convention. The odds weren’t exactly in our favor.

Even so, we put our heads down and worked hard everyday. On Saturday, we shocked the pundits who counted us out and beat the odds with our campaign emerging victorious. 

Our victory on Saturday would not have been possible without a lot of people, and I’d like to thank all of them:

Thank you to all of the 754 Republican Delegates who drove to Delta on a Saturday afternoon to attend our Republican convention. Your commitment to civic duty is an inspiration. 

Thank you to our volunteer team who worked all day putting up signs, talking to delegates, and making sure every convention attendee, no matter who they were voting for, stayed hydrated and fed. Your hardwork is an inspiration.

Thank you to our Utah Republican Party and everyone who made Saturday’s convention possible. You put together not only a wonderful convention, but two incredible debates on the tightest of timelines. Your commitment to our party is an inspiration.

Thank you to Congressman Chris Stewart, Congressman Rob Bishop, Brian Tarbet Major General (Ret.), and former Washington County Commissioner Alan Gardner for your pre-convention endorsements. Your belief in me is an inspiration. 

Thank you to my fellow candidate Scott Reber for your early endorsement speech at the convention. Your commitment to our district and public service is an inspiration. 

Thank you to my fellow candidate Jordan Hess for joining me on stage before the final rounds of votes and rallying behind our campaign for Congress. You are a true gentleman, a true fighter, and a truly gifted orator and conservative policy leader. Your commitment to our Republican party, the conservative movement, and the people of Southern Utah is an inspiration. 

I’d also like to commend all eight of my other fellow candidates for stepping up and running at our Republican convention. 

No matter who you voted for on Saturday, know this – I meant every word I said on Saturday. 

I am in this race to serve the people of Utah’s Second Congressional District no matter in which county they reside – Beaver, Davis, Garfield, Iron, Juab, Kane, Millard, Piute, Salt Lake, Sevier, Tooele, Washington, or Wayne. 

I am in this race to fight for our Utah values – our commitment to our Constitution and all of the rights enshrined therein including the Second Amendment, our commitment to the belief that all human life, both born and unborn, is sacred, and our commitment to securing our border. 

I am in this race to continue working with you to deliver results for our families – We will stand strong against the federal government’s encroachment on our lives and livelihoods. We will stand up for our Sheriffs and law enforcement. We will make Utah more free, more prosperous, and we will empower you over Washington.

I have spent my entire adult life either living in, or working for the Second District. We’ve worked together and accomplished a lot. But we still have work to do. 

Let’s get it done.