June 20, 2023


Utah – Today, retiring Congressman Chris Stewart endorsed Celeste Maloy to fill his seat in Utah’s Second Congressional District and issued the following statement:

“I made the decision to step down from Congress in the best interest of my family. Today, I couldn’t be more proud to make this decision in the best interest of Utah: I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly endorse Celeste Maloy for Congress.

I’ve served our nation in various leadership positions throughout my life. And whether I was fighting in the skies or in the halls of Congress, I found two things to be necessary.

First, you need the humility to listen to those who you swore to protect and represent. And second, you need the courage to make hard decisions on behalf of those who you swore to protect and represent. Those pillars of service and leadership describe Celeste Maloy to her core. 

I have long said that America’s best and brightest days are still ahead, and voting for Celeste Maloy is the best way to ensure our future. She is a strong conservative woman with Utah values and the one person in the race I know for certain is ready to serve on day one. 

Celeste embodies the American dream and is an exceptional leader for our exceptional nation. Please join me in supporting Celeste Maloy for Congress.”

Celeste Maloy issued the following statement in response to Congressman Stewart’s endorsement:

“Congressman Stewart has been a tireless fighter for our district, our people, and our conservative values. I’ve seen it first hand working as his Chief Legal Counsel. I am running for Congress because I know we have big shoes to fill when he departs Congress. I am humbled and honored to have his support as I seek the votes of Republican delegates at our convention this Saturday.”

Celeste Maloy is a graduate of Southern Utah University’s School of Agriculture and received her law degree from Brigham Young University. She began her career in public service as a Soil Conservationist at the United States Department of Agriculture in Beaver, Utah. 

After finishing her law degree, Celeste went on to serve as a Deputy County Attorney in Washington County, a Public Lands Attorney for the Utah Association of Counties, and a Staff Attorney for the Washington County Water Conservancy District. Most recently, she has been serving the people of Utah’s Second Congressional District in her role as Chief Legal Counsel.